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 SWTOR Application: Read First 
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Post SWTOR Application: Read First
Zero Charisma is accepting members to fill our ranks for raiding in SWTOR. So if we've asked you to come to our forums to "app" this is the post you need to read.

Our raid days (8 mans) are: TBA. Raid time starts at TBA EST. Please be sure you will be available for these times.
Our raid day (16 mans) is: TBA. Raid time starts at TBA EST. Please be sure you will be available for this time. Note: this is a joint raid with Aureus Knights.

From ZC applicants we require:
  • Can make all or most raids (members should not have consistent absences)
  • Ability to provide sufficient notification for absences
  • Spec, gear, mods, stims, etc should be min/maxed for the spec
  • An overall understanding of class and boss mechanics
  • Can follow instructions in the application, as well as in game

Note: Invitation as a trial to Zero Charisma does not indicate permanent membership - failure to follow standard requirements will indicate that the trial member is not interested in becoming a full member of ZC.

We are currently looking for the following classes:
- Anyone of exceptional skill

Our official recruiter is Izmira (Melzorz). You may inquire with her for any questions you have. There will be other ZC members who take an active interest in your application. If you're already guilded and would like to keep your app private, simply send your completed application in a PM to Melzorz.


Name - Role Class

Harblz- DPS Sith Warrior
Harblz - Juggernaut (Immortal)
Heablz - Heals IA
Heablz - IA, Operative, Medic

If you fail to follow these very, VERY simple instructions on applications, your application will be noted, deleted and ignored. If you can't understand the concept of copy pasting into a new thread, we can't expect you to understand a boss fight.

Format: Please post your responses to all questions in a different color, it makes reading so much easier, I suggest orange or green.

In-Game Name:


I am looking to:
PvP - Please respond to questions marked P
PvE (Raid) - Please respond to questions marked R
Casual it up - Please respond to questions marked C
Note: Raiders are welcome to PvP and PvPers are welcome to raid. Casual players are welcome to participate in both. See the guild charter for details.

[.PR.]Intended Raid/PvP Spec:

[.PRC.]Previous Guilds and Reason for leaving (be honest):

[.R.]SWTOR End-game experience:

[.R.]Other MMO End-game experience:

[.PR.]Vent, do you have it? Will you talk? Are you at least able to respond?:

[.PR.]Do you react well under pressure?:

[.PR.]Do you know your class well enough to be confident in the decisions you make while raiding/PvPing and do you have the patience required to learn new encounters? Basically, why should you get a raid/PvP spot over others?:

[.R.]When it comes time to do so are you willing to take the gear that best suits your raid-role (whether it's healing/dps/tanking/etc) and spend the points?:

[.PR.]Do you "lag" in raid environments (Again, be honest. This applies to both FPS and latency)?:

[.PRC.]Are you going to be in this guild for the long-term (long-term being more than a month)?:

[.PR.]Are you willing to post on the forums if you will be absent?:

[.PRC.]Why do you want to join Zero Charisma? Who referred you?:

PvP and RP only requirements below:
Also, for ++application points, post a screenshot of your UI (user interface). I guarantee you if we see this amount of dedication in your application we'll make our decision much faster.

In the past, in WoW, we have had the option to review an applicant's armory. As this is not possible, applicants will be invited to a trial instance and/or raid so that our members can see your actual performance. If you are invited to a raid as a trial you will not be permitted to roll on gear before raid members pass. If you are accepted as a raid member you will then receive all privileges of guild membership including loot drops.

You are expected to know your class. Failure to perform, follow instructions, or any other bad behaviour will result in your application denial.

If you have any questions, send a message in-game or by PM to Silinoz, Izmira, or Heablz.


Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:13 pm
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