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 Aludem: Resto Shaman, Bõng: Tank Death Knight 
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Post Aludem: Resto Shaman, Bõng: Tank Death Knight
In-Game Name: Aludem (resto shaman), Bõng (blood tank DK)

Armory Link:


Intended Raid Spec: Restoration Or Blood as the topic says

Previous Guilds and Reason for leaving (be honest): The officers decided to stop raiding in Silent Resolve so they chose a new path. A pvp guild. pvp is not really my thing. Looking to raid again and your schedule is near perfect for mine :)

WOTLK End-game experience: ICC 10/25 everything but Bloodwing

BC End-game experience: I did full clears of sunwell when it was Hard (before 80) with Lemmings. probably the most fun ive ever had playing this game. looking to recreate that with you guys. i <3 end game raiding

Pre-BC (Vanilla) End-game experience: Leveling up!!!!!! my brother (sidewalk) has alot more vanilla experience than i do. i messed around with a few things here and there but there is soo much to do =P

Vent, do you have it? Will you talk? Are you at least able to respond?: I love the concept of vent. i think i sound like a wanker on it tho so i only speak when i have something to say about tanking or healing. or to defend myself

Do you react well under pressure?: Yes. unless someones like BLah blah blah isnt doing blah. wtf is your problem blah? and im like well heres an explanation

Do you know your class well enough to be confident in the decisions you make while raiding and do you have the patience required to learn new encounters? Basically, why should you get a raid spot over others?:
Ive had enough patience to clear Sunwell from start to finish. I love progressive encounters, hard modes, 1 percent wipes (as long as they are justified) that stuff is the most exciting part of the game

When it comes time to do so are you willing to take the gear that best suits your raid-role (whether it's healing/dps/tanking/etc) and spend the points?:absolutely. what ever it takes for me to gear/play my class to the best of my abilities, im all about it

Do you "lag" in raid environments (Again, be honest. This applies to both FPS and latency)?: Hell NO! spent 5 out of my 6 years playing wow on a shitty computer lagging my arse off. Have a 5 month old machine that will take anything wow has to throw at with out breaking a sweat

Are you going to be in this guild for the long-term (Long term being more than a month)?: I hope so. my luck with guilds lately is this: we raid for a few resets and then something goes wrong and we lose alot of the core. I HOPE THAT ISNT A CURSE ON ME!!!!! id love to be in a stable relationship with a good, smart guild

Are you willing to post on the forums or deny the calendar invite for days that you will be absent? Are you going to make at least 2 raids per week? Yes.

Why do you want to join Zero Charisma? Who referred you?: Like i said before, i love end game raiding. Zero charisma fits my work schedule like a glove. there should be little to no reason why i wont be able to attend most of every raid. Bobily Referred me as we raided together in Silent Resolve and i spoke with RickyBobbyy about submitting my application today. I hope soon that i will be among your ranks, killing shit for the sake of killing it and having a good time in a new home with new friends :)

by the way, i like your forums. they are so easy to use :D (green is my favorite color)

Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:42 pm
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Post Re: Aludem: Resto Shaman, Bõng: Tank Death Knight
Thanks for your application. I do think we are in the market for a tank at this time. Someone who knows about DKs will probably be posting soon for you.

However, your resto shaman gear, etc look good, so I assume you're competent.

We normally do ask that players pick a "main" - do you have a preference for either your shaman or DK?

Does your DK have a good dps spec/gear for when we don't need an extra tank?


Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:18 pm
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Post Re: Aludem: Resto Shaman, Bõng: Tank Death Knight
Looking at your DK:

Gear choice is good. A little advice though, drop all the +dodge and +hit gems you have. You're already over hit cap, and stam will always be better than dodge, especially as blood spec. If you want the socket bonus use Regal Dreadstone or Enduring Eye of Zul.

Your spec is actually very good, and one that I kind of want to try haha.

Overall impressive. Now to actually see your skill tanking :twisted:


Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:15 pm

Joined: Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:15 pm
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Post Re: Aludem: Resto Shaman, Bõng: Tank Death Knight
Thanks for the advise on the +hit and dodge gems. i didnt want to be a complete stam stacker. i like having a decent amount of mitigation when it comes to hard hitting bosses or ones that strike alot.

My DK's DPS gear is not nearly as good as my Tanking gear. it is about 5k GS unfortunately. any spec you have me as will come with proper flasks, foods and enchants.

as for which character i would want to be my main, well it is entirely up to what the guild needs. if you have no DK tanks, id be more than happy to play the tanking role your looking for. Tanking has been my passion lately. i healed hyjal- TOGC and after a while, it wears on you. taking damage and using cooldowns when needed is more fun than being bitched at because a tank went down (ironic right?)

so to sum it all up, which ever you choose, i will be happy to accept (kinda prefer DK tho)

Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:54 pm

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Post Re: Aludem: Resto Shaman, Bõng: Tank Death Knight
please wisper buslink/bertz/battletrout in game. Hopefully we can get you in before tonights raid

Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:37 pm
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