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Post Boomkin!
In-Game Name: Sbeleg


Armory Link (

Current Spec and Intended Raid Spec:Boomkin and Tree, will most likely boomkin but I am ok with both.

Previous Guilds and Reason for leaving (be honest):No guilds yet in WotLK

WOTLK End-game experience:Have been playing wow since release but took a break when WotLK started. I have less than 2 days of played time at level 80 but I'd like to say I geared up very quickly.

BC End-game experience/Pre-BC End-game experience:Raided on my hunter and enh shaman up to the first half of black temple on both chars.

Vent, do you have it? Will you talk?: Yep. If you want me to I will.

Do you react well under pressure?: Sometimes when I get asked tough questions I

Do you know your class well enough to be confident in the decisions you make while raiding and do you have the patience required to learn new encounters?: Yep.

When it comes time to do so are you willing to take the gear that best suits your raid-role (whether it's healing/dps/tanking/etc.)?: Yep.

Do you "lag" in Raid Environments (again, be honest)?: No...

Do you want to be in this guild for the long-term?: Yep.

Why do you want to join Zero Charisma?: Want to have a consistent raid group that I can count on.

Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:37 am
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Post Re: Boomkin!
sbeleg wrote:
Do you react well under pressure?: Sometimes when I get asked tough questions I

Accidentally the whole sentence?

I'm not knowledgeable in druids, but I think your gear is subpar, which can only be expected of someone who barely has stepped into a single WOTLK 10 or 25 man raid. What's your dummy target dps (use the level 80 one), say 5 minute fight?

You haven't even been into ICC yet. Do you know all of the fights, up to LK? (We're not going to stop and explain each one) I'm concerned about your lack of raid experience on this character, even with your "I'm a new 80" disclaimer.

Note that we're on a nice zerg-cruiting event, so all of the above isn't saying "no." I really would like to see a dps meter for a target dummy though, and please talk to our main recruiter guy, Buslink. He'll ask all the right questions :) Also, depending on your healing gear, we might be able to take you in more quickly as a healbot.

In the meantime, I'd suggest you make an effort to pug as many raids as possible this week, so if we do trial you next Tuesday, you've got a bit more gear and experience.


Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:19 am
Post Re: Boomkin!
Hahahaha I love the "reaction under pressure" reply :lol:

OK so you've geared up on badges and run ToC 25 once. Gear (resto) actually looks ToC ready, a bit short for even the first part of ICC. Haven't seen you boomkin gear but yeah, whats your dps like?

No Uld, Maly, Sarth, Naxx, apart from what looks like a weekly or two. Convince me you know how to heal a raid. What would you expect your role to be if you were healing a 25 with a pally, two priests (one disc, one holy), a shaman, and you.?

Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:40 am
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Post Re: ugg boots sale
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Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:36 am
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